Lavender “The Queen of Essential Oils”

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Lavender: Queen of Essential Oils
Lavender: Queen of Essential Oils

Chemistry of Lavender Essential Oil

Due to the multiple functions of the essential oil lavender, it has earned the name “Queen of Essential Oils.” Lavender can soothe your soul and your calm your body. Use it to relax and enhance sleep, and it will calm your skin irritations such as burns, bites, and rashes.*

You may wonder why knowing the chemistry of Lavender essential oil is important. By understanding the fundamentals of oil chemistry, you can begin to classify oils by their chemical properties, which will help you learn which oils might have applications in different daily life contexts and how they work.


  • The Main Chemical Components of Lavender oil are linalool and lineally acetate. Petitgrain, Clary Sage, and Bergamot also share the same top two constituents.
  • When Taken Internally, Lavender essential oil promotes restful sleep.*
  • As an Essential Oil with chemical components known for its calming properties, Lavender can also be used to help feelings of tension.*
  • Lavender, Coriander, Cilantro, Basil, and Petitgrain are essential oils high in linalool. All are known for their ability to reduce sad and anxious feelings.*
  • Linalool Provides Lavender with its pleasant floral scent and is present in high concentrations in many flowers and spices. It comprises approximately 30% of the chemical make of up Lavender.
  • Scientists Have Discovered that Lavender and linalool, a major constituent of Lavender, were abel to bind to the serotonin transporter, indicating that Lavender’s effect on mood and sleep may involve modulation of the serotonin transporter.
  • In a Recently Published Study (March 2016) Colombian researchers conducted a preliminary pre-clinical study examining the effects of ingesting linalool for three months. Ingested linalool was associated with improvements in learning, memory, and overall cognitive health.* Not surprisingly, ingesting linalool also improved measures of emotional health. Linalool is the top component of many essential oils including Lavender.

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Fun Fact:  It takes approximately 3 bushels of Lavender flowers to produce just one 15ML bottle of lavender oil.

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*Information taken from doTERRA article Chemistry of Lavender Essential Oil. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.