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I was an executive in the furniture industry. I had loved the industry, worked hard, and my hard work and dedication paid off. I was the president of a multinational company. I was accomplishing my dream. You see I never believed anyone thought I was smart, that I was capable achieving great things. I always felt I had to prove something to everyone particularly my family. But here I was!

Then everything came tumbling down. I worked for a family owned company, there was a squabble in the family, and the business was shut down overnight. Four hundred people lost their jobs, including me. My last day was spent calling key personnel to tell them they no longer had a place to work.

Ironically, or perhaps not so ironically, three weeks before this transpired, a friend introduced me to essential oils. I knew nothing of these oils, but I did know my husband had been extremely sick for six weeks. Nothing worked to get him better. So I purchased products to help him get well, that was it. When my products arrived, my friend instructed me on how to use the oils for my husband. He used them, and woke up the next morning completely well! We were dumbfounded!

Next! I had severe breathing difficulties. I had been an NCAA tennis player in my youth, and now I couldn’t finish a match. Nobody wanted to play with me! I began using the oils for my breathing issues and almost immediately I stopped the use of my medications and breathing device. I now knew we had something amazing for our health, and it was an all natural approach to our wellness lifestyle.

It took me six months and a lot of soul searching to realize I had to leave the furniture industry behind. There was no future anymore in the industry I had loved and grown up in. I knew I needed control of my life, time with my husband, financial gain commensurate with my hard work, and I wanted to keep growing in my personal development. I had to make a change.

So began my journey with essential oils. I now share nature’s gift of plant medicine with people for their health and wealthness. I have a wonderful group of customers that take their health and wealthness into their own hands. I am beginning to see a fantastic cadre of leaders develop. I now know I can accomplish great things. And the even better part is that I can help others on their personal journey. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Think about where you want to be. Allow me to be your personal guide.

anatole is a wellness company that was established by Kimberley Tyson in 2016. anatole believes in a holistic approach to health and wealthness. How one takes care of one’s body is a very personal decision, we hope we can add value to your decision making process with your wellness. We specialize in the use of essential oils, and believe therapeutic grade essential oils are a necessity for an incredible lifestyle. Come learn with us!

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