6 Things To Look For When Purchasing Essential Oils

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anatole believes essential oils are a primary tool in maintaining good health and improving one’s wellness lifestyle. But, what are you supposed to buy? How do you know what is a good essential oil? This blog/website is here to answer these questions and more!

These days essential oils are all over the market! Look at almost any general retail operation, and you will find essential oils. But, not all essential oils are made alike. Did you know that a bottle of essential oil only has to have 5% essential oil in it to be labeled “Pure.” And that doesn’t mean you are getting the essential oil you believe you are paying for!

Here are just a few simple, but key, guidelines to follow when purchasing an essential oil:

  • Look for Therapeutic grade – This means it meets a much higher quality and purity standard.
    • The best you can purchase is CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade).
  • If all the oils are the same price from a resource, there is a problem.
  • If the oils are cheap there is a problem. Citrus oils are the least expensive and are $13-$15 retail, most other oils are in the $25-$40 retail price range for a 15ML bottle. They then go up from there in price. Please note that a bottle of essential oil used daily may last you months! They are a value.
  • The ingredients should be on the bottle label.
  • The Latin name for the plant should be on the bottle label. Different species of the same plant can produce oils with dramatically different properties.
  • There should be an expiration date on the oil bottle, although oils can last for many, many years!

This is just the first of many to come, overview articles on how to choose, work with, and enjoy essential oils 🙂

As someone who works with essential oils and loves sharing wellness information concerning the oils, I am happy to provide a free wellness consultation to anyone who would like to request one. You can contact me on the appropriate page of this blog site.