Arborvitae: The Tree of Life

Arborvitae is an oil that I really hadn’t used that much, but I most certainly will now! Arborvitae is in the conifer family and is also called The Western Red Cedar. It has a wonderfully soft, woody scent.

The essential oil is steam distilled from the heartwood of the tree.

What it does

On the emotional wellness side, this fabulous oil supports confidence, clarity, relaxation, strength, and stability. On the physical wellness side it is a great expectorant for congested lungs, is antifungal, antibacterial, and supports the immune system. Perhaps this is why it is called the Tree of Life!

How to Use

Arborvitae may be applied neat, but please use a  carrier oil if you experience skin sensitivities, and of course it is fabulous diffused!

On another note, arborvitae is an excellent insect repellent. Apply it topically or diffuse it to keep mosquitoes, gnats, or “no see us” away.

Enjoy your arborvitae!

I am back!

It has been quite a while since I have posted! Life just does that sometimes, but I am back and will be posting frequently with articles. You can find I have begun a video series on the individual oils on Facebook and YouTube on my anatole page and channel. I will be posting article recaps of those videos here on the blog page. I hope you will find these recaps helpful and then follow up with watching the videos.

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